Friday, October 26, 2007

Open Access

Here's an interesting article about open access journals. Basically, Senator Inhofe (R, Oklahoma) tried with all of his might to prevent a bill from being passed which called for open access to government (NIH) funded research. The bill called for all research to be made public no more than 12 months after publication. Seems pretty reasonable, right? If the government (and taxpayers) are paying for something, they should have the right to read it. So why would this guy put so much effort into putting the kibosh on it? Turns out one of his largest campaign donors is Elsevier, which in turn is one of the largest scientific publishers in the world. It's amazing how these things work. Inhofe is one of the most deplorable characters in politics today, and has been for a while. But now I think I'll be boycotting Elsevier journals due to their underhanded ways.

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