Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Still No Comments... But Nobel Prizes to Discuss!!!

I'm ok with the lack of activity, even though it probably means that nobody has read my first post. Maybe I'll put a little more effort into spreading the word. I guess I should write more as well, but I've been a bit busy for the past week. Anyway, I'm thinkin' I'll post a long one describing one of the winners of the Nobel this year. If you don't know (I'm speaking to the void right now since I have yet to attract any readers) the prize for medicine was awarded yesterday, physics was today, and chemistry will be out tomorrow. If anyone is out there reading, waiting, observing... I'll be happy to parentify* any of the work that lead to one of the prizes. Maybe I'll take a poll. Send comments if you have a preference!

*Parentification is the tentative term that I will use for explaining science in everyday terms. I think it fits because a) I have to do it all the time with my parents b) I don't think my parents are dumb, so it is very different from 'dumbing things down', and c) a famous scientist once said that all scientists should know their material well enough to explain it to their parents (actually he said grandmother, but in this context I take them to be interchangeable), so practicing this will be good for me.


the mad LOLscientist said...

"Parentification" — good one! I've got my own story about the phenomenon:

30-some years ago when my ex and I were in grad school (chemical engineering) and my ex was starting to write his diss, his advisor told him, "Remember to write it so your mother could understand it. No wait, your mother's a chemist...." He looked at me, looked back at my ex, and said:

"On secong thought — write it so her mother can understand it."

the mad LOLscientist said...

Oops, sorry, I'm a typically typographically challenged product of an era when everyone advised us female students, "Don't learn to type, or someone will try to make you into their secretary." So what is everyone and their dog doing these days? Bangin' away on a keyboard!

(not 2 menshun teh coruptin inflooens ov lolspeek.....) :-)

Of course I meant "On second thought."