Friday, November 30, 2007


Oh man. Had a busy November with various familial obligations and research objectives to meet. Lots of good stuff going on though. And now I'm home sick on a Friday night. yay. I loved the NOVA special on the Dover schoolboard trials. It's hardly worth talking about since so many others have given their thoughts (like here, and here). Good stuff though. Check out Monkey Girl by Edward Humes if you're interested in more details about that particular ID fiasco. There were lots of fascinating characters and ins-and-outs and what-have-yous during that whole trial. Humes did a fantastic job putting it together in his book. One thing that I did not notice in the NOVA special that was a great point in the book was that judge Jones was quoted as regretting his decision to keep cameras out of the courtroom. He said the scientific evidence was so overwhelming, and was presented in such an organized way that everyone should have been privy to it (my intereperetation of his words). To bad. An oppurtunity missed if you ask me, but it was still a landmark victory for logic and common sense.

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