Monday, November 5, 2007

Might as Well

Even though this helps her not at all (because I have yet to get any readers [I'm a pathetic beast, I am]), I would feel remissed if I did not link to a beautifully worded and elegant article by ERV. She responds to Michael Behe, who I can only describe as detestable at best for his fraudulent claim to be a scientist, all the while misrepresenting bad science and ignoring good science in his quest to debunk evolution. I really don't need to say much about it as she takes care of him so thoroughly that there is nothing left to explain.

I'm a little confused about Behe's motives in all of this. I suspect that he was never a particularly good scientist, knew this, and saw an opening in society as a "scientist"-spokesperson for intelligent design (ID). Pretty shrewd, but his bit is getting old as he seems to just be mailing it in these days. He doesn't even try to make a reasonable argument anymore. He makes it too easy for intelligent bloggers like ERV to tear him apart. I guess it was inevitable all along.


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ERV said...

Thanks DS!

Im going to try to have a post up directed towards laymen on this topic soon. LOL Gawd Behes still whining about the immune system, might as well arm you all to dismantle his claims when you come across them with your friends!