Monday, December 17, 2007


Well, my posting has been sporadic to say the least. What can I say, I'm still working this thing into my schedule, which is cramped.

Today I'd like to discuss a common misconception about evolution. You can get this information anywhere, and there are clearly more established blogs which I have directed you to in the past. Also, check out this good site for all of your argumentative needs. But I specifically want to address one very depressing error, which I read this evening in a article. The article discusses the "new atheists" (whatever that means) and has this sentence at the end of the opening paragraph:

"How can a person of faith reconcile the apparently random, meaningless process of evolution with belief in God?"

This is utter bull-plop! Bull-plop I say! There is not a single statement that more accurately predicts that the person making the statement knows absolutely nothing about the topic of evolution. And if you know not about a topic, you are hardly in position to write an article about it. Granted, the article was not specifically about evolution, but who are we kidding here? Evolution is at the heart of this debate.

Anyway, back on point. Evolution is not random. Let me say that again. Evolution is not random. Ok. That was unnecessary, but, whatever. Random events, aka mutations, clearly play a major role in evolution. However, the beauty of evolutionary theory is that natural selection chooses favorable outcomes, and discards negative ones. This is the exact opposite of evolution. So many people think that if a single designer is not involved it must therefore be random. It is not random. Do not say that it is random. It is not. I hope I have made this clear.

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