Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The New-New England

Here's an interesting article on which direction the temperatures are heading, at least in the Northeast United States.  The reason that I post this is not to try to convince the world that global warming exists, at this point I doubt there are very few (rational) people left who doubt this.  The argument has shifted to a debate over whether or not it is being caused by man (ah, the old moving goal-posts).

I do, however, think it's interesting that it is beginning to hit us where we live in a dramatic, quantifiable way.  Will this be enough to make people change there ways?  Stay tuned, but I think it may take a more forceful showing by the government before this country changes its ways significantly.  Also, it's nice to have some more solid numbers to cite when people say things like "brrraaapppp, global warming can't exist, durh, it's freezing outside!"... idiots


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