Sunday, February 17, 2008

Abuses in Science

No, I'm not talking about scientists acting like catholic priests.  I'm talking about the well documented anti-science stance that has been taken up by this lame-duck administration.  I came across this webpage (actually I heard about it on Science Friday this week), which documents the laundry list of abuses of science perpetrated by this administration over the last 7 years.

It was put together by the Union of Concerned Scientists, a coalition of scientists who have been monitoring it all.  And the list is astonishing.  It's a fun way to go through these things (as fun as something so shocking can be, I guess), but more jaw-dropping than any individual claim is the unexplainable pattern of deceit and mistreatment of science.  I know, I know.  There is nothing new about this, we've been hearing about it for years.  But I think there are still people out there who would place this under the conspiracy theory fold and brush it off.  This is a nice resource to keep handy when trying to convey exactly how bad, and how much worse this administration has been than previous ones (including prior republican admins).  Basically, with all of the well referenced stories summed up here, it's hard to deny that they are simply a bunch of dicks.


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