Friday, May 23, 2008

Oops, and Phony Degrees

Alright, I've been pretty tied up at work.  We're actually submitting a paper next week, so that has been taking up most of my free time.  I really need to get back into this blogging thing because it's the only activity that keeps me half sane.

One thing that I wanted to mention was a fantastic story on the May 22nd Nature podcast. Unfortunately, I didn't get all the details as I was at the gym when I was listening to it. But a nice sounding English gentleman did a story on British schools that give phony science degrees for non-scientific studies (e.g. homeopathy and other alt med practices).  It is a real problem that is not limited to the U.K.  I'll write more, and cite things properly when the transcript is uploaded to their webpage, or I re-listen to that segment, whichever comes first.

For those of you who think that we should be open minded about these things, and that people should be able to get any type of medical treatment they are willing to pay for, I say, you're right... to a degree.  When $120 million a year is being spent on researching things that we already know do not work, and when passive acceptance of alt medicine is contributing to an overall decline in our national health care, that's when I begin to disagree.  And fake degrees contribute to that overall attitude.


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