Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Alternative Medicine Awareness

As described in this Telegraph article, A Department of Health Report in the U.K. is recommending measures to "stamp out poor practice among herbalists". Unfortunately is sounds like a similar plan to requiring the licensing of  psychics. Especially since any practice of CAM can be described as "poor", since it is useless.

The article says there are ~2,000 herbalists working in the U.K., and the CAM market earns 200-million pounds a year (that's probably like $50, right?). The report plainly states that there is "little evidence for many of their claims". Yet they recommend that practitioners study for honors degrees in herbal medicine or acupuncture, or otherwise demonstrate their proficiency and knowledge. How about proving that it works first?



Zdena said...

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DS said...

That was a good one. I have several questions:

1) What, specifically, does the "highest frequency of any natural substance know" mean? Do the oil atoms vibrate faster than other carbon chains? This makes no sense.

2) Why would you assume that high frequency stuff would be good for you?

3) If essential oils create an environment in which bacteria cannot live, isn't this a bad thing since it is known that we require bacteria in our digestive tracts for survival? (note - I am not admitting that the oils work this way, just addressing your claim).

4) Why do you make so many different claims? Does the oil kill disease? Or does it stimulate immune response? And again, what does "frequency" have to do with these mechanisms?

5) "They are rated as having the most powerful immune-stimulating properties of any natural substance known to man" by whom?

I have more questions, but that's enough for now. Please do not respond with more jargon. But if you want to respond to any of these specific points, feel free.


Zdena said...

In stead of explaining details by my words, I recommend you to read Biofrequency and disease, and
Frequency and distillation. I believe, it will answer majority of your questions. If after that any more clarification is needed, let me know.

DS said...

Ah yes. That does clear things up for me. Now I see that the "frequency" you are talking about is a made-up phenomenon that can only be measured by a useless machine. There are so many factual errors in each of those links that it is impossible to refute. I'll just say that it is much more likely that you (or whoever runs that website) are trying to make money by selling oil for $60/oz than it is that this oil has skated below the radar of science.

I really don't like the idea people advertising for their junk products on this blog. However, I do believe in letting everyone say what they feel, especially since you won't find anyone who reads this blog who will purchase your worthless oils.

Thanks for stopping by though!