Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Child Killed by Faith

I'll never cease to wonder how these people can justify these things to themselves after the fact. 

In this case, unlike the many, many other cases around the country, the kid was old enough to think for himself. Unfortunately he was irreversibly indoctrinated by his parents for 16+ years to believe that God would save him. But now what? God did not save him. Furthermore, God saves scads of people every year who have the exact same condition. He lets them live even though they get this evil treatment from a hospital. Doesn't that tell us quite a bit about God's will? If he hates medicine so much, wouldn't he kill all of those people who seek the treatment, and let people like Neil Beagley live? Aren't faith healers and Christian Scientists presuming to understand God's will?

I know these people have an astonishing capacity for mental gymnastics when it comes to these things, but how about dropping the cognitive dissonance just a smidge, huh?


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