Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sasquatch Ree-Ward

This seems a little redundant, but there is now a $1-million prize being offered by Bushnell (the binocular manufacturers), for verifiable evidence of a bigfoot sighting. This seems to be quite shrewd of them, since they will never have to pay. On the surface it's free advertising.

There may be a downside to the scheme though. By now everyone has heard that Randi will be (sadly) ending his decade-long challenge to reward any verifiable paranormal action with $1-million. The reason? It became too difficult to deal with all of the kooks trying to win the money. I predict that Bushnell will have to close this offer sooner, rather than later, for the same reason. It's no longer free advertising if you have to pay someone to sort through hundreds of blurry photos, or strange hair samples, or bags of feces! Not to mention the lawsuits that will undoubtedly be brought up by those who feel their evidence was valid. Those who believe in bigfoot, tend to not be the most logical of folk.

Keep an eye on this company to see how it works out for them.


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